My Own Little World
Saturday, January 24, 2015 2:39 AM

A flower I kept in my coat,
Old and hanged in the closet,
Of diminished dreams and voyages,
The fist that gripped my throat.

I once carried her in my hands,
A delicate rose of crimson fire,
But her thorns stung; like a satire,
And I bleed as we dance.

We swooned away ourselves,
Brittle bones like china dolls,
Porcelain made; I could still recall,
Her soft white hands all to myself.

The blood on our palms;
Her perfume on my chest,
As we lock our wounded arms,
For the final embrace.

I cannot stop myself from bleeding,
Never did I can; since then.
Although the Winter left too early,
I cringe to see the blood in my hands.


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