My Own Little World
The Girl I met at the park
Wednesday, September 17, 2014 12:49 AM

A girl I met at the park,
       Her eyes and it was dark,
       Alone, with all her papers,
       Searching for words, ideas.

She tried to write a line,
      Hoped it'll turn to be divine
      She knew the story would end,
      February 14th, she tried to understand,

I said to her "Who is she?"
       She said " That girl was me."
       There we tears in her eyes,
       To my surprise.

So I give her a hug and hold her hand,
       So warm it felt, till it's hard to tell,
       She smiles and say "Don't cry."
       "I'll be there beside you 'till the day I die."

It's getting late out here, it's getting dark,
But I can't never forget the Girl I met at the park.


*Authors note: The early draft was written circa 2009-2010 but I did several editing ever since and amazed to see the 15 year old me could come up with such a thing. I guess it starts way earlier than I thought. 

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