My Own Little World
Saturday, October 4, 2014 12:00 PM

I do not know why the caged birds sang,
those chains have chained them for far too long,
and change them in a way they aren't,
now the caged birds are free
their wings flap to the beat of the drum
music of the night, night is black; sweet air
your rosy cheeks are no longer there
oh maya how can you not know why
the birds sang when you left; carried
your weak body to a place i never know
you left when daisies blooms from icy snow
now they have to dig the flowerbeds
and make your pillow from the willow tree,
and cover you with blankets so warm.

sleep; rest well sweet birdie.
nothing can hurt you now.


Author's note:

Here's to the great poet of the 21st century, Miss Maya Angelou. I read her works and biographies while I was doing my foundation in Lendu and her life was so inspiring to me. She had gone through so many hardships but that what makes her stronger. I love her book "I know why the caged birds sing", an autobiography of hers growing up and I learn a lot from it. It's a really good book and I suggest all my friends to read it. Because I believe that there's something for everyone that book could offer. And this little poem I wrote is inspired by that book and I'd like to dedicate the words to her.

I envy the soils that holds the body of Maya Angelou. Everyday, she can tell stories to them about her life almost in a whisper. She's the Mother Mary of Women's Poetry. The pure nightingale of the night, let her soul soar up to the sky and rest among the angels.

We will miss you very dearly, Maya.

April 4th 1928 - May 28th 2014

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